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Who do we help?

B Passionate supports organizations and social and development aid NGOs, associations and protectors of animals and environmental groups that work for the preservation of the environment.

With the purchase of our products you are collaborating so that they can continue developing their work.


Ancla 1colaborador Grandes Amigos
logo grandes amigos-transp-02.png

Our design for Grandes Amigos


The NGO Grandes Amigos, with a small team made up of social workers, psychologists, educators and sociocultural animators, is coordinating more than 2,000 people, including seniors and volunteers.



Keep company, give affection and establish friendly relationships with the elderly alone, improving their quality of life, their health and helping them to age with dignity.



  • Personalized professional attention, strengthening the professional team (social workers, social educators, psychologists) that knows each elderly person and seeks the best solution to their needs.

  • Telephone accompaniment.

  • Management and delivery of disinfection and protection equipment (masks, PPE), mobile phones, tablets and letters to the residences of the elderly so that they can communicate with their loved ones.

  • Coordination with Social Services, Health Centers and other resources for the detection of vulnerable older people and cover their psychological or domestic needs (medicine or food, etc.).

  • Adapt our face-to-face visits, snacks and parties after confinement so that older people can safely go out again and reverse the consequences for their physical and mental health.

  • Report neglect and age discrimination suffered by older people, raising awareness in favor of their rights and dignity.

PSICO CAELIAM_rectangular.png

Our designs for PsicoCaeliam

In the context of this global health crisis, PsicoCaeliam has launched a pioneering initiative under the slogan 'Sanando la Sanidad' (Healing Health) in gratitude for the effort and dedication of health personnel in their fight against Covid-19. Thus, it offers free psychological and therapeutic accompaniment workshops with horses for this group.



Promote the well-being of people through brief psychotherapy and with horses.



Through the implementation of psychotherapeutic workshops, the group of health workers will be able to access sessions specifically programmed and designed for them with very special dynamics, in open-air environments and with horses. Sessions are always developed within the cognitive-behavioral theoretical framework, in which they will be supported to manage any trauma they might have experienced during the Covid-19 crisis.


The therapy with the horses, performed it in the open air, can be of high therapeutic impact for these professionals, because after spending hours between four walls and in 'contaminated' spaces, the feeling of freedom will give them a powerful dose of well-being.

Ancla PsicoCaeliam
Ancla 2colaborador ASMUN
logo ASMUN A4-mundo blanco-01.png

Our designs for ASMUN

ASMUN works to promote human self-development in areas such as education or health, carrying out actions to support children in developing countries, refugees or for the promotion of women.



Eradicate inequality, poverty and reduce the dependency of peoples, expanding human rights and consolidating peace.


Priority actions:

Emergency aid, humanitarian aid, food aid, dispatch of volunteers.


Sectoral development projects:

Health: Health promotion, prevention, nutrition, construction and equipping of primary care centers and hospitals.

education:   Construction, rehabilitation and / or equipping of schools, recruitment of teachers, exchange of students / teachers, extracurricular activities.

Sports: Provision of sports equipment, teacher training, tournaments and rehabilitation facilities.

Veterinary: Field study on prevention of diseases arising from animals and backwaters. Hygiene habits among schoolchildren. Healthy nutrition.

Countries of action: Spain, Cuba, Senegal, Mali and Saharawi refugee camps.

Ancla 3colaborador Refugio
logos reserva-02.png

Our designs for 


Long live the Dog-01.png
ladro luego existo-01.png
rottweiler lameton-WEB_front claro.png

Under the premise of unconditional love for animals, its volunteers work in a totally altruistic way for the well-being and feeding of the more than 200 dogs that it welcomes in its facilities in Almería, in southern Spain.

For years he has not received any type of subsidy or financial aid from any institution. The shelter is made up almost exclusively of volunteers who dedicate their time and money; anonymous heroes who firmly believe in a conscious world of the importance of treating animals with love, respect and empathy.



Housing, clinically treating, caring for and feeding all the dogs they host. Sometimes, and when their means allow, they also carry out rescues.


Other priority actions: Talks in schools and institutes in which they explain the work they do and the result of animal abuse and abandonment is shown first hand. In addition, from time to time they carry out different events such as food collections, canine solidarity marches or parties to raise money.

Shelters: Always, and as far as possible, the shelter prevents a dog from living in isolation due to fear of human beings. For this, the most complex cases work with foster homes, so that the most sensitive animals can overcome that fear.

Collaborations: For years, the refuge has been actively collaborating with other similar associations in Germany, the Netherlands and England. They have also found families for their dogs in countries like Switzerland and even Sweden. Thanks to these collaborations, the shelter achieves 69% of its adoptions over the course of a year.

Ancla 4colaborador Seven Lives

Our designs for SEVEN LIVES


Seven Lives arises from the need to provide a solution to feral and abandoned cats on the street, victims of persecution, which causes many to end up in kennels where their needs are not attended or euthanized after the spread of diseases.



Feed, capture, sterilize, and later release these felines.


Seven Lives has been fighting intensely against the stigmatization of the feline colonies in the city.


Other priority actions:

  • Ensuring that cats in kennels, often confined, do not live under stress or catch diseases. In addition, work is being done to demand greater environmental enrichment in the habitats where these animals are found.

  • Offer unconditional support to other entities such as the association of the Black Pepón Sanctuary, which currently offers these animals the opportunity to live in peace and freedom.

  • Promote the awareness of the younger population about the situation of these animals through talks in secondary schools.

  • Achieve the creation of a park for cats in the city and involve Almeria inmates so that they are involved in the care of these animals.

Ancla 5colaborador GEM

Our designs for him


cycling plastic_WEB-01_positivo.png
green passionWEB_claro front slogan.png

The GEM is one of the environmental organizations with the longest experience in Spain. It began to act in 1977 developing at that time his activity in the defense of the Mediterranean coast in the provinces of Murcia and Almería, in southern Spain.



Management of the environment and natural resources.


Main areas of work:

Management of the territory and management of the natural environment: Urbanism, artistic and historical heritage, protected areas, Prevention of deserfiticación, waste management and water resources.

Natural resources and renewable energies:

Agriculture, tourism, fisheries, mining and energy alternatives.

Biodiversity Conservation flora and fauna.

Public Acts and Citizen Participation:

Campaigns, Public Events, Environmental Education and Institutional Events.


The Mediterranean Ecologist Group currently has projects underway such as the Forest Fire Prevention Campaign or the Domesticated Biodiversity project, which aims to promote sustainable agricultural development.

Ancla 6colaborador Arbol Piruletas
Logo el arbol de las

Our designs for


green passionWEB_claro-slogan.png

During the last 16 years, this group has been organizing uninterrupted campaigns for dissemination, awareness, volunteering and environmental education through a wide variety of initiatives to promote the active participation of public administrations, social entities, companies and, especially, educational  communities.




Promote awareness-raising, volunteering and environmental education activities in the province of Almería, Spain.


Featured activities and projects:

  • Valorization of protected areas, environmental volunteering campaigns and development of educational materials.

  • Literature Project and Environmental Education on issues such as the sustainability of the environment, waste treatment and recycling, energy conservation or forest fires.

  • Preparation of seminars and courses on biodiversity, environmental policies, adaptation and mitigation to climate change, recycling, etc.

  • Creating environmental content for broadcast media, local businesses and administrations.

  • Collaboration and advice to all those entities and citizens who want to carry out initiatives for the conservation of the environment.

  • Participation in scientific studies of citizen science.

  • Currently, it is the technical secretariat of the Ecocampus project of the University of Almería.


Our design for



Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) is a British environmental organization created in 1990 by local surfers and beach lovers. It currently has 350,000 members and around 50,000 volunteers and is one of the most active organizations globally acting on various fronts: cleaning, education and political actions.

Captura de Pantalla 2021-03-27 a la(s) 9

The Three-times World Windsurf Champion Víctor Fernández loves and support this project to raise funds for the British organization Surfers Against Sewage

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-14 at 11.19.14 AM


The main objective pursued by SAS is to ensure that the beaches are kept clean, in a sustainable and safe way. For this, they work through community actions, with the launch of very powerful campaigns, through volunteering, conservation, education and scientific research.

The aim is to create measurable improvements in the state of the oceans, waves and beaches through changes in people's behavior, government policies and industrial practices.


Main areas of work

  • Marine litter cleaning

  • Wave protection

  • Sewage pollution

  • Climate change

  • Toxic chemicals

  • boats

How to help

  • Participating in any of their campaigns

  • Donating funds

  • Volunteering

  • Become a member of the organization

  • Follow SAS on Facebook or Twitter in @sascampaigns and share their publications

More info

250 Club - black - stamp 2021 .png
ancla 7 colab. SAS

Our design for


menos calidad.png

The Center for Scientific Collections of the University of Almería (CECOUAL) is a reference for society and carries out fundamental work in research in bio and geodiversity with activities aimed at disseminating the natural sciences and fostering commitment to the conservation of natural heritage .

AmBioBlitz UAL
01 Logotipo.png


CECOUAL is a workplace for local scientists as well as visitors from other parts of the world. In the center you can consult collections of interest, as well as deposit specimens collected in research, depositing them for their registration and availability for the rest of the scientific community.

Main areas of work

  • Collections (Botany, Geology, Zoology, etc.)

  • Conservation (Hacking Owl, Urban Biodiversity, etc.)

  • Research (Ecohydrology and restoration of arid lands, Plastimarmed, Biocost, Rebioarid projects, etc.)

  • Dissemination (AmBioBlitz, Posidonia Week, Geology Olympics, etc.)

How to help

  • You can collaborate on a specific project or on a specific program of activities based on different patronage and sponsorship formulas: promoter, collaborator and sponsor .

  • Follow CECOUAL on Facebook or Twitter in and share their publications

Ancla 8. Colab CECOUAL
A TODA VELA (5).png

Our design for



The DNA of A Toda Vela is defined by innovation, inclusion and social entrepreneurship. Its inclusive leisure model inspires and guides future social entrepreneurs. In community, with creativity and passion, they work to turn opportunities into challenges, involving the entire community, with spectacular results.

Diseño sin título (6).png


A Toda Vela works to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities and their families, through inclusive leisure and community life, with support and opportunities and through high participation of people with disabilities, their families, their supporters and the whole community.  

Main areas of work

  • social innovation: social innovation and inclusion, easy reading and accessibility office, social consultancy. 

  • inclusive leisureaccompaniment and advice.

  • Training: University experience program with the University of Almería, Training Academy for autonomy and independent living, program for the promotion of employability. 

  • inclusive employment: space for connection, meeting, exchange and inspiration between people, companies and social agents. Employment bank for people with disabilities and professionals. 

  • Autonomy: personal autonomy and independent life. The association promotes to people with disabilities so that they can find their vocation and develop their talent, while supporting families to facilitate adaptation in the environment to achieve a full life.

How to help

  • You can collaborate by becoming a partner or a volunteer of the association, making a joint willor, if you have a company, developing your social commitment through labor recruitment and other initiatives. 

  • Follow A Toda Vela at Facebook , Twitter, instagram or LinkedIn andshare their posts.

How would you like to help?


Each of our designs is inspired to collaborate with one of these causes.


The Thousand Flowers collection is intended to support social projects of the NGO ASMUN; the Animal Lovers collections support the animal shelters Refugio Canino La Reserva and  Seven Lives; and the Planet Challenge collections are designed to help environmental groups such as Grupo Ecologista Mediterráneo or the Environmental Education Association El Árbol de las Piruletas .

Due to the Coronavirus crisis, we have created new lines of designs and products to provide support to the elderly through the NGO Grandes Amigos, and to health personnel through PsicoCaeliam, which offers free psychotherapeutic support to professionals who have fought on the front line of battle against the virus.



If you prefer to help without buying any of our designs, you can too.


Click on the links below to choose which group you prefer to support. All of them do an amazing job and all of them need help!


There are many ways you can collaborate. You can make a donation to them, become a volunteer or, also, you can help to spread their projects and initiatives.

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