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"¿En qué mundo vives? WAKE UP!" New partnership with CECOUAL for a greener planet

Today is a very special day for us because we celebrate World Environment Day and therefore we are excited to share with you an important notice. B Passionate and CECOUAL, the Center for Scientific Collections of the University of Almería, Spain, are now partners to work together for environment sustainability!

We were really amazed by the outstanding work they do to raise awareness, disseminate the natural sciences and promote social commitment to the conservation of our natural heritage. To be honest, we are not surprised at all about CECOUAL reputation as an iconic center in research and outreach in bio and geodiversity. They really do an amazing work.

We totally recommend to pay a visit to its facilities (here) to enjoy a unique experience rediscovering and reconnecting with our environment. It was a super inspiring experience for us.

What do you think of the design we have made for them?

You will find this design, inspired by mother nature, in a wide variety of products, from 100% organic cotton t-shirts to backpacks, sweatshirts, biodegradable mobile phone cases, towels, etc. We are trying to replace a large part of our product catalog with more sustainable and environmentally friendly lines. If you love this design and want to support CECOUAL, visit our store here.

Why is it important to support entities like CECOUAL?

Simply because CECOUAL performs a fundamental task to promote a global awareness about the environment. It is a workplace and meeting point for scientists dedicated to this matter, both locals and visitors from other parts of the world. In the center you can consult a wide variety of collections of maximum interest, as well as register specimens collected in research, depositing them for their registration and availability for the rest of the scientific community. It is such a cool place full of knowledge!

His main areas of work are focused on Collections (Botany, Geology, Zoology, etc.), on Conservation (Hacking Owl, Urban Biodiversity, etc.), on Research (with leading projects in Ecohydrology and restoration of arid lands, Plastimarmed, Biocost and Rebioarid projects, etc.) and, of course, on the Outreach (with massive initiatives such as AmBioBlitz, Posidonia Week, Geology Olympics, etc.)

How can you support them?

  • You can collaborate on a specific project or on a specific program of activities based on different patronage and sponsorship formulas: promoter, collaborator and sponsor. If you want more information visit this page.

  • Follow CECOUAL on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and share their publications

Remember, at B Passionate we support organizations and social and development aid NGOs, protectors of animals and environmental groups that work for the preservation of our planet, anywhere in the world. We do not see borders on these issues that are universal and that affect us all equally, regardless of where we live.

We make original message designs on a wide variety of products. For each sale we donate 15% - 50% of our profit to specific organisations that promote animal welfare, environmental sustainability and the well-being of vulnerable people such us the elderly or women and children in developing countries, depending on the design you choose. At the same time, your t-shirt, hoodie, phone cover, mask or other product will help spread awareness. And, of course, they will make you look fantastic!

Have a wonderful weekend and HAPPY WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY !!

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