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BPassionate & the three-times World Windsurf Champion Víctor Fernández surf together against plastic

Updated: May 27, 2021

The most international ejidense is supporting one of our projects to keep beaches and oceans plastic-free. We help together the British organization of ocean activists Surfers Against Sewage.

At B Passionate we have recently incorporated into our platform the international organization of ocean activists Surfers Against Sewage, a British environmental organization created in 1990 by local surfers and beach lovers. It currently has 350,000 members and around 50,000 volunteers and is one of the most active organizations globally acting on various fronts: cleaning, education and political actions.

How you like the design we have made for them?

We love the work they do, how active they are and the impact each of the initiatives they carry out have. But we could not have a better ambassador for this cause than Víctor Fernández, from Almeria, and three-times World Windsurf Champion who, once again, has shown his strong commitment to the environment. No one knows better than him the importance of protecting our environment to enjoy waves free of plastic waste.

Víctor did not hesitate for a second to support our project to help promote a global awareness around the preservation of the environment and the urgency of acting against the invasion of plastics in our natural environment.

We also have the support of the El Ejido City Council through the Department of Tourism, Commerce, Health and Consumption. Thanks to Luisa Barranco for helping us make this initiative visible. You are always there, helping small companies with great concerns!

Why is it important to support organizations like SAS?

Because the main objective pursued by SAS is to ensure that the beaches are kept clean, in a sustainable and safe way. For this, they work through community actions, with the launch of very powerful campaigns, through volunteering, conservation, education and scientific research. The goal is to create measurable improvements in the state of the oceans, waves, and beaches through changes in people's behavior, government policies, and industrial practices. His main areas of work are cleaning marine debris, wave protection, sewage pollution, climate change, toxic chemicals, and ship impact.

How can you help them?

  • Participating in any of their campaigns

  • Donating funds

  • Volunteer

  • Become a member of the organization

  • Follow SAS on Facebook or Twitter at @sascampaigns and share their posts

  • Btw, you can also buy some of our products with the design that we have made for them. ;-)

Remember, at B Passionate we collaborate with organizations and social and development aid NGOs, protectors of animals and environmental groups, anywhere in the world. We see no borders on these issues that are universal and that affect us all equally, regardless of where we live.

We make original message designs on a wide variety of products. For each sale we donate 15% - 50% of our profit to specific organisations that promote animal welfare, environmental sustainability and the well-being of vulnerable people such us the elderly or women and children in developing countries, depending on the design you choose. At the same time, your t-shirt, hoodie, phone cover, mask or other product will help spread awareness. And, of course, they will make you look fantastic!

We are on Canal Sur TV!

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